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The Magnetecs robotic Catheter Guidance Control and Imaging (CGCI) system has potential application in virtually all minimally invasive procedures utilizing a medical catheter. The first application, selected due to the widely recognized clinical need for this technology, is catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias, which are disturbances of the rhythm of the heart. This condition is debilitating to patients and often proves resistant to conventional pharmacologic therapy. At present, most physicians currently manually guide catheters through the chambers of the heart to perform AFib procedures. The results of these procedures depend largely on the skill of the individual doctor, and Afib procedures are often lengthy as well as expensive. These conditions have created a clear need for the precision, speed, and reliability of the Magnetecs Robotic CGCI EP suite. In addition to reducing the manual skill required and increasing the automation of the procedure, CGCI eliminates the physician’s prolonged exposure to damaging X-rays, which are often heavily used during Afib procedures. Magnetecs expects patients to benefit from improved accuracy and safety provided by the CGCI system and also expects a significant reduction in repeat AFib procedures currently needed to control arrhythmia. Hospitals are expected to benefit from the increased patient throughput provided by this new robotic EP technology.